Brick 2014  About

Brick 2014 continues to be a place that welcomes everyone who enjoys the LEGO starting from the year 2014. Way back the year we first created this website, we were still unsure as to what our website will be for other people and how exactly we will create our own services. But after a year of providing people a lot of movies and clips for the LEGO, we decided to give more. As such, at the year of 2015, we managed to add something more to our website and improve Brick 2014 which gave entertainment to a lot of people other than just providing them movies and videos.

We managed to create our own shop and let the people find the toys they wanted, merchandises and other items that they could find interesting and entertaining. For years, people loved how we make these stuff available on our website but to be honest, it’s all possible because of those who kept supporting the store and the site itself. Because of them, we were able to continue what we did and keep giving the people more things to enjoy. Up until now, the Brick 2014 continue to run the shop and welcome everyone on this site. You can find here entertainment that cannot be found elsewhere. What more is that anyone can request what they would like to see in our store in the future and we’ll make sure to make that happen.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Brick 2014 started to make games on this website so there would be no downtime to our visitors! Now, this site is not just for movies, videos, and shop, but games as well. This is free for any adults or kids who love to play video games during their free time. Not only that, we will continue doing this as we keep on improving our site for everyone who loves LEGO!